Data on this website has been gathered from a range of sources, primarily from the archives of the Geologische Bundesanstalt in Vienna. While assumed to be correct at the time of writing, all claims require modern testing to be confirmed. Original copies of all referenced documents are kept on file and available on request. All grades and data are based on historic and unknown methodology/analysis and are not comparable to modern 43-101 or JORC classification standards. Any reference to ‘reserves’ and ‘resources’ in the A+B+C Austrian reporting standard is taken directly from the ‘Geologische Bundesanstalt – Archiv für Lagerstätten Forschung’, Weber et al, 1997, ISBN 3-900312-98-2, and is not assumed to be, or suggested to be, conformable to modern 43-101 or JORC classification standards. These numbers are included for representative estimates only.

The data presented on this website has not been reviewed and is not intended for review under 43-101 or JORC standards, until the initial work program is completed and reviewed by a suitable qualified person. The elected ‘Qualified person’ for Ekometall Group Ltd. is Rowan Thorne of Prospex Consulting Ltd., London, UK.

This project presents risks to any invested capital. Any financial claims, values and forecasts are only estimated at the time of writing and carry no guarantee of actual value or return following investment. This website was published, and assumed to be correct according to available data, as of July10th 2023.

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